if you're not scared, you're not paying attention

i usually only post when i'm sad and or motivated, and if not, i'm probably busy dealing with other emotions

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*throws up bc i hate myself*

a long opinionated post abt mental health n stuff

i think one the best things to say to yourself when youre feeling shitty is “it gets better” because it really really does get better. even when youre feeling the shittiest and it seems like nothing could make you feel better, it does.

its like when you have a crush on someone and you dont think you could ever get over them or ever like anyone else as much. but once you are over them, you look back and are like “lmao i had a crush on them??!”

its kinda the same thing. like when things /are/ better, youre gonna look back at your sad moments and appreciate how strong you are to have gotten through that.

like literally a year ago i was suicidal and addicted to self harm and thought i was a fucking failure for getting shitty grades and sat scores lol but now look at me, like yeah i still get depressed but its been 3 months since ive last cut and im college bound going to my dream school!! its crazy tbh i never thought id make it this far

im one of those people that think that “everything happens for a reason” and i think that you can do two things: 1) let your hardships destroy you or 2) let your hardships make you better

like ok i hate when people are like “your mental illness doesnt define you, your scars dont define you, etc” all that BS bc i think its important that people understand those things and accept them bc they are central to us and have helped us endure and grow stronger

isnt that one if the steps for recovery or something? admitting you have a problem? Lol like repressing shit only fucks you up more like the reason ive been getting better is bc i have been more open abt my problems and i think everyone else should be too

like i know theres this stigma with mental illnesses but its fucking time that the world realizes that they are becoming more common and prominent esp amongst young adults which are the future of this country!!

ok i hella derailed from my main point. but anyway.. back to that.. Things will get better!!!!! ask anyone!!! Its a true fact and you just have to believe it!

this low is gonna last for a while i can fucking feel it

Ok so i told my mom I want to get my nose pierced and if I were to get it pierced itd be at this 4.5 yelp star piercing booth LOL and my mom yelled at me and said im ruining myself even more and im just like ???? Ugh like its not even your fucking body ugh parents

Im just gonna wait until i move to LA and get it pierced there w-o my parents judging me so when i come home for thanksgiving i’ll be like surprise bitches

I hecka want my nose pierced ugh

I cant fall asleep unless I masturbate

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ugh i feel like a loser n my life is going no where