i wanna talk about it but i really dont wanna talk about it

okay so i just had this deep college talk with my dad because i needed to get his official approval of going to ucla. and i really hate talking to my dad especially about college because he becomes really stubborn and really pushes what HE wants and disregards my thoughts. but this talk was different because instead of scolding me he actually gave some solid advice and when i asked him about ucla, he told me that in the end its really going to be up to me. and that was just like so relieving. cause for the first time in forever my dad is finally letting me make my own choices and idk that was a fulfilling moment

i havent had my monthly breakdown yet and idk why its really bothering me bc i usually have one once a month and since i havent had one yet that means that i’ve been holding a lot of things in for the past month and thats not ok bc i’m probably going to have a really big bigger than usual breakdown in the near future and idk whats going to happen then

have you ever watched something die or had something die in your arms because wow that is emotionally draining 

Hahaha i hate myself please notice me and tell me you care about me but you probably dont care bc im just a sad sad girl and come on, who could ever love a sad sad girl?

lol in 2 months im going to graduate
in 3 months im turning 18
in 5 months i’m moving to la

thAtz cRAZY

i havent had a proper meal in days

I’m just sooooo frustrated with this one person!!!!’ And its killing me!!!!!! Like im so frustrated

I just want somebody who will never stop choosing me.
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